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ClickerJoy! Rates & Services

Group Classes

Group classes are conducted at Mantayo Training Kennel in Lakewood, Colorado. An initial "Orientation to Training" is provided to introduce you to the Basic Manners Class. This first orientation class is without your dog, so you can begin to develop your skills as a clicker trainer before teaching new behaviors to your dog or puppy.  Please note - it is necessary to attend the orientation before beginning class with your dog. Some of the concepts we will cover include:

Obedience, Basic Manners & Foundation Skills  - Printer-friendly flyer for Basic Manners Class

"A Walk in the Park" - 4 Sessions focused on integrating skills learned in the training room to park settings, adding surprising distractions - Printer-friendly flyer for "A Walk in the Park" Class

"Out on the Town" - 4 Sessions focused on using self-control and socialization skills for public access in different city settings & demands - Printer-friendly flyer for "Out on the Town" Class

Clicker Joy! Puppy Life Skills Classes

Clicker Joy! offers Life Skills classes for puppies. Clicker puppies grow up to be confident adults who make good choices because they learn to offer behaviors that are rewarded. Clicker Joy! classes include the following skills: Shakti, Belgian Malinois after a fun day of training

  • Housetraining - the positive way to teach puppy to ask to go outside
  • Paying attention to you - teach puppy to look at you for instructions
  • Nipping control - replace nipping with 'kissing'
  • Self control - teach patience, the 'wait' command
  • Relax to a mat or a crate - retire to a mat or a crate on command
  • Sit & Down - sit and lie down when puppy hears your cue
  • Come when you call - ignore everything else and come when you call

Price List for Puppies and Adult dogs

Private consultation is also available at single and package rates. Please call or send me an email for more information.

  • Group classes at Denver locations: $180 for six sessions ~ class size is small to provide individualized attention
  • Private sessions $100 per hour
  • $500 for a package for five private sessions
  • $75 for a single private session if you're enrolled in a Clicker Joy class
  • Day Training, a popular choice for busy schedules - private , intensive and fun training sessions 2-3 times each week while you're at work with a 2 week minimum.
  • Board & Train now available - While you're away, Angela will board your dog in her home and provide training. Return home to your newly trained dog, refreshed from your dog's "educational vacation" after a 2 week minimum of intensive training

 Call Clicker Joy! at: (303) 947-0611 or email Clicker Joy! (we'll respond within 24-hrs).

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