Clicker Joy!
Joyful training, powerful results

About ClickerJoy!

Using nonaversive, positive training methods, Clicker Joy! appreciates and respects the human-animal bond.
At Clicker Joy! we strive to create a positive and safe learning experience for both the animal and the owner.  Viva earns her CGC Award

We offer the following types of training:

  • Puppy Life Skills
  • Basic Manners and Foundation Skills
  • Adolescent and Adult Dog Social Behavior
  • Behavior Modification
  • Therapy & Service Dog Skills
  • Training for Performance
  • Working Dog Advancement
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluation

A list of Workshops, Seminars and Presentation topics are available upon request.

Border Terrier James walks politelyTraining Formats

Group classes, private behavior consultation, and workshops are available. Group classes are a great way to teach the dog to learn in spite of distractions. The number of students in each group class is kept small to ensure each owner and their dog get the proper amount of attention.

Private consultation is also available and provides focused attention for both the dog and the owner. Private consultation may be required prior to group class participation, depending on the dog's situation.

Group classes and workshops are currently available in Denver and private sessions may be provided at a training center or in your home.

See our Events page for more information.


Berger Picard, Amalie"Eli is a happier dog since clicker training. He is so smart and now we can communicate. He is so happy that I finally understand him!..with the clicker training, I know all training is possible. Thank you."  Gayle D.

"Most definitely the most intriguing dog class I've been a part of :) Thanks for including us!"
Susan J.

"In the breed ring, James did quite well. This is only the second show he's ever competed at. On Friday, he got Winners Dog for 1 point towards his championship - his very first point! Today he kicked total butt. He won Best of Winners for 4 points...HIS FIRST MAJOR! And there was some really great competition."  Melissa F.

"I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve been.  When I went to this large campaign meeting to listen to the President thank his Chicago group, Daisy Mae even settled.  Being in a new place with lots of folks I just couldn’t believe how calm she was!” Susan R.

"Annie and I have been 'clicking' our way through Germany. It was great. All our early training and socialization over this past year paid off in sooo many ways. Annie met every challenge beautifully."  Sabine J.

"I'm afraid that you've spoiled us. I'm not sure I'll be able to watch anybody interact with an animal again, unless they use clicker training. Traditional methods just seem so cruel and counter productive." Robert H.

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